Water drinking plays an important role in your health and overall well being. It helps you in almost all your body functions like; carrying nutrients to cells, controlling and regulating body temperature, cushioning your body joints, helping waste and toxin removal, protecting various body organs and muscle tissues, etc.  

Importance Of Water Drinking To Detox Your Body:

1. Your body is made up of 70% of water and brain of 75% . The blood has 80% of water and liver has 96% of it. Thus water is the main foundation component of your body that controls every aspect of your health. 

2. All signals sent through nervous system travel via your nerves and these nerves are actually tiny waterways. If the fluid in your nerves thickens due to dehydration or for any other reason, then these signals get disturbed and distorted.

3. Nutrient absorption and proper digestion both depend on intake of pure water. Many people overlook this benefit of water drinking often. You need to consume pure and clean water in order to extract nutritional value from the food you eat. 

4. The quantity of water drinking determines your energy level. Researchers have proved that a 5% drop in bodily fluids can cause a 25% to 30% loss of energy in a person. 

5. Your upper and lower intestines absorb nutrients better during digestion when you drink plenty of water. Food cravings are found to be the basic cause of nutrient deficiencies. It can be regulated and controlled by water drinking.

6. Water drinking is the key to keep your skin soft, supple and moist. Drinking plenty of clean water helps you prolong the aging process on your skin.

7. Water is considered as a natural healer. Regular regeneration of hair and nails, skin and bones, damaged nerves and organ lining, and such other natural bodily functions depend on regular pure water drinking. 

In short, there are TONS of benefits of water drinking.